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A more recent digital sketch. Photoshop and mouse.
[1/14] Sins & VirtuesOne of my concentration pieces for AP2D way back when in high school. LOL.

At first, I was always afraid to draw touchy subjects. You know, that instinctual fear of offending someone. But yeah, it’s different now. Maybe I can’t understand their POV, but I’m not just gonna stand here. 

[The feeling of wanting to block out all noise.]

"She was always so cheerful," they said.
"She never showed signs," they said.
"She was never the type to do something…like that," they denounced.

"My voice went unheard…they think I bathe in some celestial light, untouched by worry or sin. No one would aid me," she lamented. They stayed silent.

If someone contemplates suicide, don’t brush it off. It may not be a joke. There’s always sign—either obvious or subtle.

Anti-stereotype Project. Soft watermarked. Watercolors.

Uploaded on my DA account.

Self Portrait

Sooo, I haven’t posted anything for a while. :( But I’ll try to post up my works from art class last year. (Now officially a college frosh! I’ll miss you highschool…)

First up, self-portrait. This was a project consisting of 8 or so people, each rendering their own self-portrait. This is a little less smaller than life-size.

To create the poses, we actually all went outside and threw rotting green bell-peppers at each other so that it looked more natural. :| Yes, we actually did. The kids who had PE were like, “What the…”

After that, it took roughly 2 weeks to finish this, considering we were all confused on how to approach such a big project. We were all rushing to finish. :\ Hours of listening to k-pop songs (hilarious!), eating, working during lunch, etc….and ta-daaah! We got it all ready for the ARCenter debut for our school! Proud to rep the art in SV! :)) Amazing people there. 

Inspired by an artist style (I forgot the name…gah..), and the bg (post-apocalypse theme was created with references).~ 

Charcoal. Little less than life-size.
Will post on my DA if I don’t get lazy…Tumblr is just so much easier. 

Tribute to dumbfounded—amazing rapper. Watercolors and pen; anti-stereotype project.
Watermarked with my devart username. Full-view @
Possible bookmark design.
2nd try

Haven’t uploaded in a while…so here’s a lil’ something I was working on today during my commercial art class. 

In progress.